Courses offered in SS 23

  • Bridge Course Databases

    A blended learning bridge course for master students in Data Science, Computational Social Science and related programs.
  • Data Science in Medicine

    Health data analytics is one of the main drivers for the future of medicine. Various sources of big data, including patient records, diagnostic images, genomic data, wearable sensors, are being generated in our everyday life by health care practitioners, researchers, and patients themselves. Data science aims to identify patterns, discovering the underlying cause of diseases […]
  • Data Stream Management and Analysis

    In many fields today data is produced continuously, potentially unbounded, and at high rates, which is termed as data stream. Applications in smart manufacturing, aerospace,  particle physics, or stock exchange trading have a high demand to handle and analyze the massive data streams created. Due to their challenging characteristics specific technologies and methods for data […]
  • Datenbanken und Informationssysteme

    Die Vorlesung “Datenbanken und Informationssysteme” gibt einen einführenden Überblick über Datenbanken und ihre Verwendung in Informationssystemen.
  • Knowledge Graph Lab SS 2023

    Knowledge Graphs are large graphs used to capture information about the real world in such a way that is is useful for applications. In these data structures, there are all sorts of entities (for example, people, events, places, organizations, etc.). Knowledge Graphs are used by many organizations to represent the information they need for their […]
  • Mixed Reality Lab

    Mixed Reality is a continuum of spatial computing experiences on virtual, augmented and extended reality devices, such as the Microsoft HoloLens, the HTC Vive, and mobile phones. In this lab, we learn the basics of mixed reality software development in hands-on lessons with practical tasks. The lab contains a small independent project student groups can […]
  • Seminar Computational Biomedicine

    Integration of machine learning with medical data analysis is an essential block in the process of finding patient biomarkers used for clinical studies with a vision to improve cancer treatments. One such example is the application of personalized medicine, being one of the cornerstones for improving cancer patient care. In this Seminar, we will focus […]
  • Seminar Data Ecosystems

    Organizations in many domains, such as manufacturing or healthcare, have a huge demand to exchange data to enable new services, drive research and innovation, or improve patient care.Hence, organizations require alliance-driven infrastructures capable of supporting controlled data exchange across diverse stakeholders and transparent data management. Data Ecosystems are distributed, open, and adaptive information systems with […]
  • Seminar Privacy and Big Data

    This seminar is about new and emerging approaches to adjust and balance privacy and utility in data intensive applications, such as information retrieval, data mining and personalisation. These new approaches have the potential to enable a new generation of privacy-enabled services which are not focused on maximizing the collection of user data. Instead these new […]
  • Web Science Seminar

    Web Science has become an interdisciplinary study field between computer science, mathematics, sociology, economics, and other disciplines. This seminar researches advanced Web Analytics and Web Engineering topics in Web Science probably leading to master thesis topics for excellent students. Topics include: network evolution models and network dynamics, (overlapping) community detection, recommender systems, adaptation and personalization […]
  • Web3 Concepts and Applications

    This seminar will discuss the baseline technologies and concepts of the web 3 such as Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, Tokenization, Self-sovereign identity, etc. as well as its applications e.g. in a Metaverse. After the seminar the participants will understand the Web3 Basics and will be able to develop concepts for new Web3 Applications.