A Recommender System for Decentralized Question-Based Dialog

December 14th, 2021

Learning Analytics Research has shown that learner facing dashboards support self-regulation. Learners gain a better understanding of their learning activities and plan further activities more conscious. This leads to higher motivation and achievement.

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  • Master
Simon Breuer
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10/05/2022 1:00 pm
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i5 Seminar Room
Ralf Klamma
Stefan Decker
Alexander Neumann

In our efforts to support heterogeneous and distributed communities with the tools and structures they need, we recently developed the Distributed Noracle, a distributed, question-based dialog framework for inquiry-based learning. It is a transition of a proven methodology for question-based dialog in face-to-face settings to the online domain, relying on a distributed peer-to-peer architecture. In our implementation, we follow a microservice-based approach for the development and deployment of our backend services. These services are based and running on our flagship peer-to-peer community platform las2peer.

Our recent preliminary evaluation stressed the need to support learners in understanding and reflecting upon the individual learning process as well as the community processes. The thesis project should instrument the Distributed Noracle prototype with learning analytics to gain more sophisticated information about its usage and its effect on the community knowledge creation. For this, the already existing monitoring solution of las2peer, called MobSOS should be adapted to the needs of the Distributed Noracle. The tracked and inferred information shall be used to extend the existing prototype with visualizations and navigation support.

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Must: Strong knowledge of Java and JavaScript
Nice: TypeScript Experiences, Web Technologies