HiWi Positions – Open Source Peer-to-Peer Community Service Platform

November 19th, 2021

Showcase and extend your coding abilities!

Job Type HiWi
Extent Discussable
Application Deadline 2021/12/31
Status Taken
Contact(s) Ralf Klamma
Alexander Neumann

las2peer is an Open Source P2P-based community service platform. Communities can host their own las2peer nodes and networks and access any existing las2peer network using browser interfaces. All communication in las2peer is secured with state-of-the art encryption technology. las2peer provides a developer API allowing to develop new community services.

Our las2peer core team needs reinforcements in terms of open source developers and UX designers. las2peer is used in project work, bachelor and master student projects, lab courses, etc. The las2peer core team uses state-of-the-art DevOps tools (git/GitHub, JIRA, Jenkins, docker, kubernetes, Requirements Bazaar, etc.) on a very recent cloud computing hardware run by the chair. Student workers work in agile open source DevOps and contribute to las2peer, the community application editor CAE, the community monitoring system MobSOS, and the community projects Requirements Bazaar, tech4comp, Noracle, GAMR, ROLE SDK, and SWEVA (Social Web Environment for Visual Analytics).

For the first contract, we offer 4 month with a weekly workload of 12 hours. Please apply with a meaningful CV and a recent transcript of your academic performance.




Applicants should meet at least some of the following prerequisites:

  • experience in open source development
  • experience in Java development
  • experience in state-of-the-art Web development or design (HTML5, JS, frameworks)
  • experience in wearable devices, augmented reality & 3D programming (Unity, HoloLens)