Versioning and Access Management in Web-Based Collaborative Model-Driven Web Engineering

December 14th, 2021

Modern collaborative development practices use agile principles to structure and organize the development process. The tool support for this includes source code management, with the large majority of development teams using Git. While collaboration patterns and access management of cooperation on source code is studied quite well, for MDWE (Model-Driven Web Engineering) processes, where collaboration happens on models instead of (only) source code, this is not yet the case. The thesis should investigate possibilities of versioning and access management for an existing MDWE platform.

Thesis Type
  • Bachelor
Philipp Dolif
Presentation on
06/10/2020 12:00 am
Presentation room
Ralf Klamma
Matthias Jarke
Alexander Neumann

In our efforts to support heterogeneous communities with the tools and structures they need, we have developed the Community Application Editor (CAE), a Web-based near real-time modeling tool for Web applications. It realizes a microservice-based approach for the development and deployment of our backend services, running on our flagship peer-to-peer community platform las2peer. While it features a basic storage and retrieval mechanism for models and corresponding source code repositories, it currently only allows for one model to be developed at a time and does not include any model- or code-ownership principles. Within the scope of this thesis, the CAE should be extended with a model-management mechanism that allows for the collaboration on multiple models (by multiple development teams) at the same time.

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Must: Knowledge of Java and JavaScript
Nice: Web Technologies, Container Orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes)