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Data Stream Management and Analysis
Building: E2 Room: Ahornstraße 55 52074 Aachen


Sandra Geisler received her doctoral degree in computer science in December 2016 at the RWTH Aachen University. The thesis' title was "A systematic evaluation approach for data stream-based applications". She completed her diploma (master) studies in computer science in April 2008 at RWTH Aachen University.
Sandra Geisler is leader of the group Digital Health Spaces at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT in St. Augustin. She was working as a research assistant and PhD student at the Informatik 5 (Information Systems) chair at RWTH Aachen University from June 2008 until April 2017. She was member of the working group Model Management.


Quality-oriented Stream Processing on the Edge, Keynote Talk, Cluster of Excellence Conference, 27.10.2021, Online
Big Time - A Glance At Azure Time Series Insights, SQL Saturday Wien, 24.01.2020, Wien, Österreich
Schritte ins digitale Gesundheitswesen - Szenarien des Fraunhofer Medical Data Space, Networked Health, 09.11.2019, Köln, Deutschland
How Flow Can You Go, SQL Saturday Rheinland, 25.05.2019, Bonn, Deutschland
Stream on - Echtzeitdatenanalyse mit MS StreamInsight & Azure Stream Analytics, SQL Server Konferenz, 21.02.2019, Darmstadt, Deutschland
Get into the Flow, SQL Server Konferenz, 20.02.2019, Darmstadt, Deutschland
Stream on - Echtzeitdatenanalyse mit MS StreamInsight & Azure Stream Analytics, SQLdays Konferenz, 10.10.2018, Erding, Deutschland
Stream on - Real-time Data Analysis with StreamInsight and Azure Stream Analytics, SQL Server Konferenz 2018, 28.02.2018, Darmstadt, Deutschland
An Integrated Ontology-based Approach for Patent Classification in Medical Engineering, 12th Int. Conference on Data Integration in the Life Sciences 2017 (DILS'17), 13.11.2017, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Ontology-based Data Quality Management for Data Streams, Otto-Friedrich-Universitaet Bamberg, 16.05.2017, Bamberg
Microsoft Business Intelligence für alle mobilen Plattformen, SQL Saturday Wien, 20.01.2017, Wien, Austria
Complex Event Processing mit StreamInsight, PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server) Regionalgruppe Ruhrgebiet, 14.03.2013
An Ontology-based Data Quality Framework for Data Stream Applications, 16th International Conference on Data Quality, 19.11.2011, Adelaide, Australia
A Universal Tool for Mobile Long-Time Recording, Monitoring and Analysis of Bio-Signals. IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management, International Workshop on Managing Health Information in Mobile Applications (HIMoA), June 6-9, Luleå, Sweden
Data Stream Management Systems and Query Languages, Advanced School on Data Exchange, Integration and Streams (DEIS'10), Schloss Dagstuhl, Wadern, 09.11.2010
A data stream-based evaluation framework for traffic information systems. ACM SIGSPATIAL Intl. Workshop on GeoStreaming (IWGS), San José, USA, November 2010
Accuracy Assessment for Traffic Information Derived from Floating Phone Data. 17th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems and Services (ITS), Busan, South-Korea, October 2010
A Data Stream-based Evaluation Framework for Traffic Information Systems, UMIC Workshop, 18.10.2010
A Data Stream-based Framework for Traffic Information Systems, Ericsson Eurolab, Aachen, 02.09.2010
Einführung in SQL Server Spatial, PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server) Regionalgruppe Ruhrgebiet, 12.08.2010
Dynamische Erstellung von SSIS-Paketen, PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server) Regionalgruppe Ruhrgebiet, 11.02.2010


Memberships and Posts

Principal Investigator in the Cluster of Excellence "Internet of Production"
Associate Editor of the Data Knowledge and Engineering Journal (DKE) , Elsevier
Public Relation Chair of the QDB Workshop held in conjunction with the VLDB 2016 in New Delhi, India
Workshop Chair of the IMMoA Workshop held in conjunction with the VLDB 2013 in Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy
Workshop Chair of the IMMoA Workshop held in conjunction with the VLDB 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey
Workshop Chair of the HIMoA Workshop held in conjunction with the MDM 2011 in Lulea, Sweden
Editor of the Special Issue on Information Management in Mobile Applications in the Pervasive and Mobile Computing Journal



Datenanalyse zur Fehlererkennung im Präparationsauftrag des Schmelzspinnprozesses (2020)
Classification of Mechanically Ventilated Patients Based on Weaning Difficulty (2019)
Usage Control and Policy Management in eHealth Systems (2019)
Developing an Architecture for Data Quality Measurement to Achieve Utility-driven Data Suppression (2019)
Data Quality Management for Data Lake Systems (2018)
HMM-based Approach for Segmenting and Clustering in Time Series from Energy Consumption Data of Industrial Machines (2018)
Konzeptentwicklung und Implementierung eines sicheren Kommunikationsmodells für ein medizinisches Monitoring-System in einer verteilten und heterogenen Umgebung (2017)
Professional Competence Profiling of Biomedical Experts for Cooperation Partner Recommendation (2016)
Detection of Manufacturing Defects during Mill Processes based on Machine Signals (2016)
Evaluation and Design of Semantic Data Models for Competence Fields in Medical Engineering (2015)
Comparison of Text Mining Platforms for Patent Analysis (2015)
A Presentation Semantic for the Operational Data Model (ODM) (2015)
Curricularmanagement basierend auf Semantic Web-Techniken (2013)
Evaluation of Sampling Techniques for Data Stream Classification (2013)
Ontology-based Framework for Biomaterial Storage Optimization (2013)
Evaluating Concept Drift in Traffic Applications based on Data Streams (2013)
Design und Implementierung einer Datenbank zur Klassifikation der Anatomie von Gefäßverläufen (2012)
medicalAdvisor - Situationsadaptive Dokumentation und Assistenz in der Notfallmedizin (2012)
Real-time Map Matching in Car-To-X Applications (2012)
Ontology-based Data Quality Framework for Data Stream Applications (2011)
Methodik und Werkzeugunterstützung für die Gewinnung und Konsentierung von Anforderungen an die Parametrierung eines Biobankmanagementsystems (2011)
Open-Source-Integration von Business Intelligence in Krankenhausinformationssystemen (2010)
Long-term Aquisition and Monitoring of biosignals including analysis and representation of coherent and non-coherent components (2010)
Evaluation Framework for Data Stream Mining Algorithms for Traffic State Estimation in a Data Fusion Architecture (2010)
Adaptives Bettenmanagement basierend auf individuellen Fallprognosen (2010)
Data Quality Management for Traffic Monitoring Systems based on Wireless Location Technology (2009)
Process Modeling of Mobile Data Acquisition for the Emergency Medical Services in a Mass Casuality (2009)
Requirements Analysis of the Mobile Access and Integration of Medical Device Data in Hospital Information Systems (2009)

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