Persistent Association of Virtual Objects in Mixed Reality

December 16th, 2021

A mixed reality environment immerses users in a three-dimensional space. This allows them to organize digital content in the entire room, e.g. task cards in immersive project management. A natural way to sort related objects is by placing them close to each other. However, this kind of spatial co-location of objects is not enough to stress their relation to each other. If another user who is unaware of the association moves one of the objects, the spatial connection is lost. Hence, lines in 3D space are required which establish a visual and persistent connection between the objects. In a previous project, an initial system was implemented which uses straight lines to connect the objects. However, straight lines have some shortcomings since they intersect with obstacles between the two endpoints. A better connection system can use 3D curves to avoid the obstacles in an efficient way.

Thesis Type Bachelor
Student Sebastian Meinberger
Status Finished
Submitted in 2020
Proposal on 16/06/2020 3:00 pm
Proposal room
Presentation on 19/10/2020 2:00 pm
Supervisor(s) Ralf Klamma
Advisor(s) Benedikt Hensen

In this thesis, the goal is to conceptualize and extend an existing implementation of a connection line system which allows users to associate 3D objects with each other. A method should be found which bends the paths around obstacles in 3D space so that no intermediate objects or lines are intersected. The connections should be made persistent by saving and loading them in between application sessions. Additionally, a user interface should be designed and implemented which provides an intuitive way for creating the connection lines.


Must: Good knowledge of C#, Java
Beneficial: Experience with the Unity 3D engine, knowledge of Linear Algebra

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