A Unified Bot Modeling Language

January 29th, 2022

Social Bots (software robots) are computer algorithms that automatically produce content and interact with humans on social media. Despite their tremendous success (roughly half of the Internet traffic is generated by social bots), there are only a few platforms where end-users can design, generate, test and deploy software bots for their purpose without deep knowledge of programming and Internet protocols.

Thesis Type
  • Master
Marc Luqué
Proposal on
04/11/2022 12:15 pm
Proposal room
i5 Seminar Room
Stefan Decker
Matthias Jarke
Alexander Neumann
The student will design a formal language for defining social bots in this thesis.
In our previous work, we developed the Social Bot Framework, which allows end-users to create social bots without programming knowledge.
The resulting language will be tested using the social bot framework. The goal is to simplify and standardize the modeling language of the social bot framework.


If you are interested in this work, please do not hesitate to send a message to


Neumann, Alexander Tobias, Peter de Lange, and Ralf Klamma. 2019. “Collaborative Creation and Training of Social Bots in Learning Communities.” In 2019 IEEE 5th International Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing (CIC), 11–19. IEEE.


Nice to have:

  • Web Technologies
  • Java