Integration of a Social Shared Environment in Moodle

January 27th, 2022

With the continuous development and maturing of the emerging WebXR standard, mixed reality learning experiences can be realized on the web. This opens up new ways of integrating mixed reality learning in existing virtual learning environments like Moodle. Hence, we implemented Realitybox, a WebXR-based H5P module. It adds a viewer panel for 3D objects and an authoring tool for placing annotations on the objects. Moreover, users with the necessary hardware can view the 3D models on an immersive VR headset. This optional use of mixed reality with the fallback solution of an integrated 3D viewer lowers the entry barrier to start with mixed reality learning. One possible extension that this thesis should inspect in detail is the option to add collaboration to these modules.

Thesis Type Bachelor
Student Konstantin K├╝hlem
Status Running
Supervisor(s) Ralf Klamma
Advisor(s) Benedikt Hensen

Hence, the goal of this thesis is to extend our existing WebXR framework Realitybox by collaborative features. As a networking solution, the open-source library yJS should be used. When the base solution is integrated, smaller sample features should be prototyped like a module to visualize where each participant is looking. Based on these integrations, the technology acceptance of this module should be investigated to evaluate in which scenarios the application of collaborative WebXR is feasible. So, the evaluation aspect is concerned with observing the learning behavior with regard to the new collaborative WebXR approach.


Must: Knowledge of Web development

Beneficial: Experience with Computer Graphics or Mixed Reality, Knowledge about networking solutions, Experience with Git

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