Enhancing the Community Application Editor with Automated Tests & DevOpsUse Bots

March 23rd, 2022

Research interest in DevOps bots has increased in recent years, but only a few bots currently support end-user participation in the DevOps approach. Using wireframes and model-driven software development approaches allows end-users to take part in the development process.

Thesis Type Master
Student Philipp Dolif
Status Running
Proposal on 26/04/2022 1:00 pm
Proposal room
Supervisor(s) Ralf Klamma
Advisor(s) Alexander Neumann

In our efforts to support heterogeneous communities with the tools and structures they need, we have developed the Community Application Editor (CAE), a Web-based near real-time modeling tool for Web applications. It realizes a microservice-based approach for the development and deployment of our backend services, running on our flagship peer-to-peer community platform las2peer. Here, we follow the DevOpsUse approach to involve end-users in the development process.
In the scope of this thesis, DevOpsUse bots should support end-users to create (semi-)automatic tests for the modeled microservices.

  • Web Technologies
  • Java