HiWi Position for Development of ML-driven Data Quality Analytics Web Application 

January 17th, 2023

We are looking for a HiWi (f/m/d) for research in ML-driven data quality analytics and for the development of web applications in this area. 

Job Type HiWi
Extent Discussable
Status Taken
Contact(s) Soo-Yon Kim

In order to improve the quality of data-driven business decisions, we are working on an application for the evaluation and enhancement of data quality in ERP systems. Our use case within the Cluster of Excellence project “Internet of Production” is in the domain of supply chain management.


  • Literature research on data quality management frameworks, with special focus on ML-driven approaches and on management of master data quality 
  • Joint development of an application concept 
  • Implementation of a corresponding web application 

  • Experience with data analytics, data science, ML, e.g., use of libraries such as scikit-learn 
  • Experience with web development frameworks, e.g., Node.js, React, Flask 
  • Preferrable: Experience with data quality and ETL tools, e.g., Talend, KNIME 
  • Preferrable: Experience with business analytics tools, e.g., Power BI, Tableau, Qlik