A Mixed Reality-Based Card Game for Formal and Informal Education

December 16th, 2021

A challenge of existing educational Mixed Reality applications concerns the difficult accessibility of technology for students. Many applications require expensive head-mounted displays or high-end smartphones which can only be tried by students at the university for a limited amount of time. However, Mixed Reality content can also be shown on a broader range of devices using marker-based technology. Here, a marker is used as an anchor to show a 3D model above it. If the marker is filmed by a smartphone, it can calculate the view angle and render the 3D model from the same perspective. A challenge of marker-based applications is to find a meaningful integration of the markers into the environment. The markers should be easily recognizable but also need to give the user an idea about the 3D model that they can show.

Thesis Type
  • Bachelor
Anna Perret
Submitted in
Proposal on
11/05/2021 12:40 am
Proposal room
Presentation on
28/09/2021 1:30 pm
Ralf Klamma
Stefan Decker
Benedikt Hensen

The aim of this thesis is to explore how a motivating and accessible Mixed Reality application can be created using a marker-based library for smartphones. The main focus is on integrating the markers in an elegant way into the learning process. For instance, the application could use gamification to integrate the markers as custom-made playing cards. This way, a Mixed Reality-based card game can be developed where a card represents a 3D model. One can also think about introducing rules how cards can be laid out and special cards that can be combined with 3D model-cards, e.g. to trigger interactive learning tasks based on 3D models. There is also the option to introduce collaborative elements so that learning groups can work with the educational application by playing the card game together. During this thesis, an example Mixed Reality card game should be created in a reproducible way, ideally by realizing tools that allow developers to quickly generate new cards.


Must: Good knowledge of C#, Java
Beneficial: Experience with the Unity 3D engine, Vuforia library, knowledge of graphic design