Basic End2End Resourcemanager

December 20th, 2021

In this practical course, the participants learn to run a software development project and create a software product from the very beginning – from requirement analysis to release. The students will learn the importance of Scrum as part of the agile software development process.

Type Lab (basic level)
Term SS 2022
Mentor(s) Stefan Decker
Assistant(s) Felix Schwinger
Sascha Welten
Alexander Neumann

This course will give additional insight into stakeholder talks, a tutorial about agile development, and design thinking during the semester.
Along with these product management components, the students will gain hands-on coding experience developing a beverage resource management system as part of the Internet-of-Things. The resource manager will be connected to a fridge via hardware components to monitor its contents and state. Together with the close-to-hardware embedded system development, the students will also gain experience in back- and front-end development including user interaction to enable user interaction with the system.

Additionally, the participants will have the chance to include additional features in an individualized working period after implementing the minimum requirements requested by the stakeholders (the advisors).

Finally, the two groups will present their developed prototypes with a final presentation and demo. The focus is on a customer-oriented presentation of the product. The students will present the problem and solution concept, as well as the problem-solving process. All further details will be available in the Moodle course.

The lab is offered for a maximum class size of 8 students.

If you are interested in this lab contact us:


Close-to-Hardware Development: Raspberry Pi, Digital Sensors, Barcode Scanner, Tablet
Requirement Engineering
State of the art web technologies (REST, GraphQL, JSON, …)
Database technologies: SQL, NoSQL
Designing User Interfaces: Typescript/React/Angular/Lit