Web Science Seminar

December 20th, 2021

Web Science has become an interdisciplinary study field between computer science, mathematics, sociology, economics, and other disciplines. This seminar researches advanced Web Analytics and Web Engineering topics in Web Science probably leading to master thesis topics for excellent students. Topics include: network evolution models and network dynamics, (overlapping) community detection, recommender systems, adaptation and personalization in Web Environments, the Educational Web, Web Trust & Credibility, Web Protocols, Peer-to-Peer Networking for Web Clients, Web-based Software Development Models, particular Web Development methods like Web Components and many more. Students do not only learn to write and present scientific papers but also to peer review them. Students will be assigned to a supervisor helping the student through all steps like literature research, seminar paper and seminar presentation.

Type Seminar
Term SS 2022
Mentor(s) Ralf Klamma
Assistant(s) Alexander Neumann
Benedikt Hensen
Michal Slupczynski
Fateme Fathi

Topic Assignment

Topic Supervisor Student
Algorithms and Developments for Location-Based Augmented Reality Hensen 423889
Blockchain Technology for Cybersecurity on the Web Fathi 407496
Cloud Streaming Approaches to Provide Mixed Reality Experiences in Real-Time Hensen 394556
Collaboration in Chat Environments Neumann 383831
Community Detection of Social Bot Networks Slupczynski 374512
Current Trends in Adaptive Psychomotor Learning Slupczynski 367558
Current Trends of Multi-Agent Systems Neumann 414498
Deep Learning on Web Graphs Klamma 405591
Efficient Computation of PageRank Klamma 427153
Fake News Detection on COVID-19 Fathi 407287
Techniques for explainable time series analysis of sensor data streams Slupczynski 394408
The Impact of Mixed Reality on Corporate Training Hensen 394435
Twitter Event Detection using News Streams Fathi 399191
Visual Organization of Group Knowledge in Communities of Practice Using Mixed Reality Hensen 366539