AR/VR: HiWi Position in the Field of Mixed Reality

October 27th, 2022

Are you interested in mixed reality or would you like to get to know state of the art mixed reality technologies? Then you are invited to join our team. We are developing and evaluating mixed reality applications in the realm of technology enhanced learning. Our team is working on a range of different applications and technologies, ranging from the Microsoft HoloLens to smartphone-based AR. You can find examples of the applications on our YouTube channel.

Job Type HiWi
Extent <=10h
Application Deadline 2023/05/31
Status Taken
Contact(s) Benedikt Hensen

We are looking for HiWis in two areas:

1. Support for conducting the user evaluations

In this role, your main task will be to help in organizing and conducting user evaluations for our mixed reality applications. We have a series of evaluations planned that need to be realized. Your main tasks will be to find participants for the evaluation by reaching out to target groups and raising awareness for the user studies. Moreover, you should then handle the organization in time slots and set up the technical infrastructure for the user study sessions. If there is interest, you can also become a part of the initial planning process of the scientific user studies and help in evaluating the collected data.

2. Maintaining and extending the mixed reality applications

In this area, you will join the core development team. You main task will be to implement new features or to maintain the existing code base of our applications.


If you are interested in this HiWi position, please, write a mail to and specify which of the two areas you are most interested in.


For user study focus:

  • Must: Very good communication skills
  • Beneficial: Knowledge about or interest in conducting different types of user studies such as A/B tests, quantitative and qualitative studies
  • Beneficial: Knowledge about or insterest in statistics, in particular concerning testing for statistical significance
  • Beneficial: Knowledge about mixed reality, augmented reality and/or virtual reality

For implementation focus:

There are two branches that you can take with different requirements:

Mixed Reality App Development

  • Must: Good programming skills in C#
  • Must: Experience with the Unity 3D engine
  • Beneficial: Knowledge about mixed reality, augmented reality, virtual reality and/or computer graphics

Web and WebXR Development

  • Must: Good web development skills (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript)
  • Beneficial: Knowledge about mixed reality, augmented reality, virtual reality and/or computer graphics
  • Beneficial: Experience with WebXR or WebVR, BabylonJS, H5P