Web Science Seminar

November 15th, 2022

Web Science has become an interdisciplinary study field between computer science, mathematics, sociology, economics, and other disciplines. This seminar researches advanced Web Analytics and Web Engineering topics in Web Science probably leading to master thesis topics for excellent students. Topics include: network evolution models and network dynamics, (overlapping) community detection, recommender systems, adaptation and personalization in Web Environments, the Educational Web, Web Trust & Credibility, Web Protocols, Peer-to-Peer Networking for Web Clients, Web-based Software Development Models, particular Web Development methods like Web Components and many more. Students do not only learn to write and present scientific papers but also to peer review them. Students will be assigned to a supervisor helping the student through all steps like literature research, seminar paper and seminar presentation.

Topic Assignment

Topic Supervisor Student Reviewer
Methods and Use cases of Multi-bot Chats Neumann 426304 425006
Comparison of Chatbot Technology: Large Language models vs. Rule-based Systems Neumann 416559 403292
Exploring the impact of Large Language Models on Web Search, Recommendation, and Personalization Systems Neumann 423786 404974
Identity resolution techniques and their applications across different domains Fathi 402453 397777
An investigation of using a decentralized approach for identity resolution Fathi 440326 426304
Investigating the use of graph databases for identity resolution Fathi 402509 402453
Sensor-based peer-assisted learning techniques in the physical activity domain Slupczynski 396591 379713
Participatory design techniques in ML development Slupczynski 397777 396591
Stakeholder involvement in collaborative ML Slupczynski 404974 423786
Augmented Books: Augmented Reality for Print Media Hensen 403292 402509
Algorithms and Technologies Enabling Learning in the Metaverse Hensen 425006 416559
Service Design Thinking for Web design Rieth 379713 440326