Social Computing Seminar

April 10th, 2022

Social Computing is an area of computer science that is concerned with the intersection of social behavior and computational systems. It is based on creating or recreating social conventions and social contexts through the use of software and technology. In this seminar we explore recent topics in social computing like Social Bots, Fake News, Filter Bubbles, Socio-political campaigns, Shit & Candy Storms, Social Augmented and Virtual Reality, Gamification, Serious Games, Science 2.0

Type Seminar
Term WS 2022
Mentor(s) Ralf Klamma
Assistant(s) Alexander Neumann
Benedikt Hensen
Michal Slupczynski
Fateme Fathi

Topic Assignment


Topic Supervisor Student Reviews
Current Trends of HCI in Chat Environments Neumann 433592 359416
Deep Learning Techniques for Generative Chatbots Neumann 359416 421985
Information Extraction and Analysis Techniques from Chat Dialogs Neumann 421985 380163
Digital Identity Management using Blockchain Fathi 422428 380163
Blockchain-enabled Trust Management and its Models Fathi 380163 394552
Identity Resolution Fathi 394552 405218
Peer-assisted Learning of Psychomotor Skills Slupczynski 405218 421724
Community Detection of Social Bot Networks Slupczynski 421724 422455
Algorithms and Developments for Location-Based Augmented Reality Hensen 422455 366933
The Metaverse in Education Hensen 366933 414954
Mixed Reality Support for Distance Education Hensen 414954 437042
Conversational Mixed Reality Agents for Instructional Learning Experiences Hensen 437042 406291
Comparing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Learning Applications Hensen 406291 433592


Participation in Social Computing & Web Science Lectures welcome